Monday, 13 November 2017

Where do I get my ADMX files for the OneDrive Next Gen sync client?

With Windows 10 1709 Microsoft is rolling out a new sync client for OneNote. The client introduces new functionality such as the ability to download specific files in an on-demand fashion. People were asking me if there was a set of ADMX files and there are however the ones on the Microsoft download site are stale. Check out my blog article over here on how you can get the latest files into your environment.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Virtually There with Kevin Kaminski Episode 6: Emile Cabot

Emile is a local Cloud and Datacenter MVP I work within the Calgary area, he has spoken multiple conferences and co-authored several books. I take a moment to discuss Microsoft Ignite in general and some of his thoughts around Windows Server 2016.

Virtually There with Kevin Kaminski Episode 5: Tim Mangan

Tim has been a mentor of mine; he helped get Microsoft to recognize my community contributions when App-V was still referred to as SoftGrid. We developed an App-V master's class together though he is the one that is laser-focused specifically on App-V. I thought it would be good to catch up and see where he is at with his App-V tools, research and book publishing.

Virtually There with Kevin Kaminski Episode 4: Kevin Goodman

Kevin Goodman goes way back to when VDI was referred to as server based computing, he has a development background and founded RTO Software which was later acquired by VMware. I take a moment to catch up with him and talk about where he is at with FSLogix.

Virtually There with Kevin Kaminski Episode 3: Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly is a long time member of the application packaging world where he has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP, written books and has done public speaking engagements. He is currently over at Flexera, and I take a few minutes to catch up with him and discuss the current state of application packaging.

Virtually There with Kevin Kaminski Episode 2: Ruben Spruijt

In this episode I catch up with fellow MVP Ruben Spruijt who has taken a CTO position over at Frame which is a cloud based virtual desktop vendor. Join me as I find out what Ruben and Frame have been up to in the VDI space.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

  Recently I took an in-depth tour of SupTool which is a cloud-based solution for ensuring Configuration Manager client health along with some other specific health checks for Windows Update using an architecture that mainly resides in the cloud. In the blog article below I take you on a virtual tour of SupTool and how it can cut down on the reoccurring maintenance of your endpoints while giving better visibility into the overall health of your environment.

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