Friday, 20 September 2013

Calgary Systems Management User Group Fall Meeting 2013.1: Atea Solutions for the Enterprise

This meeting we will explore some of the solutions from Atea that integrate into System Center to optimize operations in a typical enterprise IT environment. We will be exploring thier new take on software asset management using an Azure based solution that can easily plug into most existing environments within minutes. Below is a quick overview from the vendor:

Cloud Software Asset Management

Why purchase a complex solution when it is the resulting reports that matter? Various tools offer different ways of handling Software Asset Management, but all of them require repetitive administrative work. Atea is able to minimize this work by offering Software Asset Management as a service.
Atea Cloud Software Asset Management (Cloud SAM) is a cloud based solution delivering accurate License Compliance Reports with minimal administration required from you.
In 2011 Microsoft recognized Atea Cloud SAM as the world's 1st SAM solution built on the Windows Azure platform.


  • We provide you with online reports that show all necessary information about license compliance and software usage
  • Atea SAM specialists keep reports updated on a daily basis
  • Software recognition identifies all licensable and also blacklisted software such as games
  • The service is offered on a subscription-basis with a fixed price per pc/server per month


  • Lower your license costs dramatically. Reports show the actual usage of licenses to help you cut license costs by uninstalling unused software. There are also specific features showing how well utlized Adobe suites are
  • Trustworthy data. Atea SAM specialists ensure accurate and consistent data delivery
  • Significantly reduced costs for license management. We provide business intelligence (BI) for SAM and your only action is to make decisions on the data in reports
There are two versions of Cloud SAM available:
  • Cloud SAM Standard includes full Microsoft and Adobe license management and software recognition
  • Cloud SAM Enterprise includes license management for an unlimited number of vendors. You also get access to Atea's license management tool, Compliance Manager, plus the additional Cost Saving Report and License Compliance Report for all vendors
Also we will be looking at their self-service offering known as Accelerator:


Software delivery is a complex task, often involving multiple helpdesk calls and numerous manual interventions before the service is successfully delivered to the end user's desktop. Delivery often takes several days, making the user frustrated and non-productive and the helpdesk swamped with calls. Many IT tasks, including software delivery, can be automated within today's IT infrastructures. Accelerator is proof of this.
With Ac­celerator you can automate standard IT tasks that you never thought were possible, like software distribution, access control and other daily tasks.


  • Allows self-service for the most common IT tasks like software delivery, folder access, hardware orders, password reset etc.
  • End user friendly navigation through web interface
  • End users are able to search and install applications from predefined service catalogue
  • Fully configurable and automated workflow with defined com­plex approval chains if required
  • Out-of-the-box integration with System Center Configuration Manager and Service Manager, including support for App-V and OS migration
  • Customizable for your organizations look and feel with multiple language options
  • Scalable to support thousands of users
  • Software Rentals included in service catalogue
  • The solution is aimed at companies and organiza­tions from 500 to thousands of users


  • All services delivered as soon as the appropriate manager has approved the order
  • Reduced number of helpdesk calls
  • All activities logged in one place, enabling detailed report creation and traceable information for SOX and FDA compliance
  • Increased visibility into all resource requests across the business
  • Reduced time, costs and IT resources required for running the environment and therefore can be put towards larger IT projects
  • Improved delivery efficiencies with faster response time to requests and increased accuracy in what is delivered


Accelerator increases IT operation effectiveness. Users have easy access to a web tool where services such as hardware, software, accounts, access rights and resources can be ordered at any time and then automatically delivered as soon as they are approved.


Accelerator includes a service catalogue where you can register and publish available services to users. This makes it easy to find available services and to place IT orders.
All orders are sent to the manager or resource owner for approval. Once the order is approved, it is automatically executed in the IT system. The complete end to end workflow can be configured to be as simple or complex as required.


With Accelerator, the costs for running an IT environment will decrease signi­ficantly. Once the processes are running automatically the need for IT-resources will be reduced. Our experience with customers shows savings on average of $150 per user per year.
By letting your users order IT pro­ducts and services, you can dramatically decrease the number of requests coming to your helpdesk by as much as 40-80%.
Combine Self-Service with back-end process automation and you will take away the most repetitive and time consuming work. Your business value will grow through users receiving accurate and timely solutions - 24/7 - which leads to increased time for IT staff to spend on core business strategies.


Execution through one central system improves the ability to measure the quality of delivery. All activities are logged in Accelerator making it possible to create reports and trace information for SOX and FDA compliance. In addition, quality and security levels will increase with the enforcement of approvals and logging of all transactions.


Accelerator provides a large number of services directly out of the box. If needed, we can extend and customize the solution based on customer requirements.
There are two versions of Accelerator available to choose from:
  • AppMarket with limited Accelerator functionality for software distribution only
  • Accelerator Enterprise with full functionality and opportunities for customization. In addition to full Atea AppMarket functionality, Accelerator Enterprise gives the possibility for extended self-service possibilities and integration to existing systems like ERP and service desk solutions.
If you are in Calgary feel free to show up in person or if you wish we have a Livemeeting broadcast of the event. Go to to register.

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