Tuesday, 3 January 2017

App-V 5.2 Client on Windows Enterprise 1607

In this video, I show how to enable the App-V client and load an App-V sequence side by side with an older version of the same application that is installed traditionally. I explore the differences between an App-V application and the locally installed version so you can see how the App-V client redirects the registry and file system to allow two versions of the same application to exist side by side.


  1. Build 1607 comes with the App-V 5.2 client as standard. Not sure why you are referring to the V 5.1 client for this build of Windows 10. The ADK for 1607 has the matching V5.2 sequencer.

    1. That is a good correction, the out of box client is still in the 5.1.x stream but the one in Windows 10 is 5.2. Forgot that caused an issue with some of the older MSI packages not working on Windows 10.

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