Saturday, 23 August 2014

Summer Device Update

Here are some highlights from the summer device update from Kalvin Falconar at Microsoft.

Surface Family Flyer PDF
Windows Device Choices June 2014

Earlier in June the Surface Pro 3 was announced and Surface Authorized Device Resellers are already shipping the i5 version.  Surface Pro 3 will also be available in i3 and i7 sometime in August, along with a new Surface Pro 3 Dock.   See attached for general specifications on the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface 2.  The Surface Pro 3 is already making an impact on healthcare, see below for details.  For availability, pricing and details please contact any Surface Authorized Devices Reseller or drop by a Microsoft Store

Also this month Xplore Technologies launched their new rugged tablet named “Bobcat”.  And from Lenovo the fabulous new ThinkPad 10 started shipping!  All very cool devices.

Windows Phone
As Canadian cellular operators are getting prepared to push out the new Windows Phone 8.1 update out shortly, this an opportunity to review an extensive list of new features for WP 8.1.  Check out “what’s new”!

Also, check out some of the new apps for Windows Phone…
Project My Screen App for Windows Phone - If you want to project your phone screen to an external display, you can use a USB cable to connect to a Windows device.
Files App - Windows Phone now lets you browse your files

Surface Pro 3 is making an immediate impression in the healthcare market.  Check out the stories emerging in healthcare already…

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Windows Tablets
Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Windows Tablets For The Enterprise

Forrester collected data from 60 enterprise organizations currently using Windows or non-Windows tablets the subsequent analysis found a solid 128% ROI and many benefits specific to Windows devices: 
·         46% improved productivity for “road warriors”
·         Device consolidation and reduced device purchase costs
·         Reduction in annual device licensing, management, and support costs
·         Reduction in annual costs related to device security
·         Reduced errors from users of Windows tablet devices

Computex 2014
June 3-7, leaders from all over the world gathered in Taipei for Computex 2014, Asia’s largest information and communication technologies (ICT) show. Featuring industry leaders like Acer, ASUS, Intel, and AMD as well as emerging manufacturers that are leading innovation, this is the perfect forum to communicate the One Microsoft strategy.
In past years, the event team designed breakthrough exhibit spaces to showcase devices.

Some notable tablets innovations launched include:
Industrial Tablet IP65 rated 10.1” from SEWOO TECH CO., LTD, and a few others from the same manufacturer.
Rugged Tablet PC760 from Sambest Corporation

We are seeing a vast number of tablet options from Asia now available to us in Canada, although many are consumer focused, there are many type of touchscreen and kiosk options that these low-priced devices can serve. 

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